RWDSU Rules For Members

If the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) is voted in and you join, you would have to follow all of the rules and regulations of the RWDSU. At Amazon, we believe the working relationship we have now is what makes our team strong — and we’re committed to making sure that BHM1 remains a great place to work.

Here are some examples of the RWDSU’s rules:

1. The RWDSU May Accept A Contract Rejected By Its Members

The RWDSU’s bylaws have a provision (Article XIV, Section C) that allows the union’s Executive Board to accept a contract offer that you may have rejected, if at least two-thirds of the membership fails to approve a strike.

Bylaws are the rules an organization makes to control the actions of its members.

2. RWDSU And UFCW’s Rules Would Apply to All Members

Under Article IV, Section G, members are: “subject to the bylaws of this Council, the Constitution and Bylaws of the RWDSU and the Constitution and Bylaws of the UFCW.”

3. A Company Can Still Retain Management Rights

Subject to the provisions in the collective bargaining agreement, a company retains control over the operation and management of its business, including things like hiring, promotions, and production rates. It’s called “Management Rights” and is a typical provision in RWDSU contracts. Take a look at one example in the RWDSU’s contract with Koch Foods in Gadsden.

A constitution is a legal document that contains the fundamental principles that govern the organization.