BHM1: You Deserve The Facts

Next Key Voting Dates

Learn More About The RWDSU

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) wants to represent associates at BHM1. Amazon continues to encourage you to do your own research about the union, and this website will help you get your own facts.

RWDSU and Union Dues

The RWDSU has said that member dues are $9.25 a week, which is almost $500 per year.

RWDSU and Employee Wages

Some of the RWDSU’s negotiated contracts with other companies in Alabama show pay well below BHM1’s starting pay of $15.80 per hour.

RWDSU’S Rules for Members

If the RWDSU is voted in and you join, you would have to follow RWDSU rules and regulations.

Voting Information

The NLRB has ordered that a second mail-in ballot election at BHM1 take place to determine if the majority of associates want to be represented by the RWDSU. It’s important for you to make your voice heard by voting – even if you didn’t vote the first time or were not here the first time.