RWDSU and Employee Wages

Employee Wages Comparison

Some of the RWDSU’s negotiated contracts with other companies in Alabama show pay well below BHM1’s starting pay of $15.80 per hour.

RWDSU and Peco Foods (Tuscaloosa)

The RWDSU negotiated just $13.20 per hour for new hires and a pay scale that has a top pay of $14.35 an hour after two years for General Production Employees.

RWDSU and Koch Foods (Gadsden)

The RWDSU negotiated only $12.90 per hour for new hires and a three year Class 1 employee only makes $13.20 per hour.

Depicts BHM1 starting wages for Tier 1, Peco Foods (Tuscaloosa) starting wages for General Production, and Koch Foods (Gadsden) Class 1 employee starting wages. The Peco Foods (Tuscaloosa) and Koch Foods (Gadsden) pay reflected here is based on available contracts between RWDSU and those employers.

Employee Time Off Comparison

At Amazon, full-time Associates get 352 hours of paid time off and up to 240 hours of unpaid time off (UPT) in your first three years. That’s 592 hours for you to use however you want!

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) has bargained for far less. Amazon has already delivered more time off without you paying a cent in union dues!

RWDSU and Peco Foods (Tuscaloosa)

Employees represented by the RWDSU at PECO Foods (Tuscaloosa) only earn 120 hours of vacation and no UPT in their first three years.

RWDSU and Koch Foods (Gadsden)

At Koch Foods (Gadsden), employees represented by the RWDSU earn only 200 hours of vacation and no UPT in their first three years.

Time Off Differences
Amazon BHM1 vs. RWDSU Contract Examples